Gor Chahal
1961 born in Moscow
1972-76 studied drawing in Tatiana Kiparisova's studio
1983 first poetic experiences
1985 finished, with distinction, the Moscow Physical-Engineering Institute with a consentration in "Applied mathematics"
1985-87 organized the group "Parallel Actions", acquainting the Moscow rock - stage with poetic performance (in partnership with the poet Arcadiy Semenov and the rock – group "Polite Refusal")
1987-88 together with the composer Camil Chalaev and the group "Metro" created the artistic association "Theatre – post", which carried out a number of actions and performances, of which the best known are: "The Earth and the Factory", "Afonasiy", "AIDS in the time of the Plague"
1988 realized a number of the joint projects with the group "Champion of the world"
1988-89 realized a series of "hermetic" actions (without any kind of documentation)
1989 transitioned from actions to "virtual" performance, started to produce «material» art works mostly based on photography
1990 produced first video art work
1994 begins working with virtual sculpture, digital multimedia
1995-96 received a grant from the Berlin Academy of Arts (Akademie der Kunst)
2004 received a grant from the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
2007 proved his hypothesis of the transphysical character of the impact of art works on the noosphere through experiments
2009 realized the principal of reverse perspective in photography
2010 curator of the exhibition "Dvoeslovie/Dialogue", the first exhibition of contemporary art in a functioning orthodox church in Moscow
2011 Winner of "Opencall" Art competition of the Media Arts Moscow International Symposium "Pro&Contra" in the nomination of "Screen interactive media"
2013 curator of the contemporary christian art exhibition "Gifts" in the State Museum of Architecture, Moscow
2014 elected an honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts
2015 avarded the medal "to dignified" of Russian Academy of Arts
2020 curator of the 1-st Biennale of Christ-centric art, Chernigov Patriarchal Compound, Moscow.