Eastern Christianity is characterized by apophatic theology, which defines the transcendent by successive elimination from consideration all the definable notions.

The central artwork of the project made specially for the space of Zverev Contemporary Art Center consist of 5 bilateral mirrored plates, from the surface of which was cut and removed letters of the word "Jesus", one of the naming of God. Which is connotating to the artwork "The name of God", known to the public. Reflects on the remaining surface of the plates surrounding area, including the spectators are there, can be described visually as a place where Jesus is not assist. A world without God. At the same time, the void in the plate outlining the missing word, mingling with the atmosphere of the room, making the air "smart». Lead the viewer to the feeling of an unseen presence of God, spilled everywhere in the air. Christ is among us.

Polyphonic multimedia project includes photos, video works, drawings and sculptures, connotes together and thematically linked. Ordered chaos of "Arx" - space of Heavenly Powers, full of eyes, was created from water to separate the water from the water, compared with water, invisibly transformed by reverse perspective of the video "Hrisos". The Tears of Angels on myrrh-streaming icons, reflected in mirrored surfaces of apophatic sculptures, as in the mirrored surface of the water, pour heavenly grace into the space of the basilica form exhibition hall. The Form of ship, drowning in the spring greenery of the city park.

Gor Chahal. Moscow, 2016.