This project is a part of the author’s program: ARCHITECTURE OF THE INTELLIGIBLE WORLD. The artist used well-known search engines on the internet to collect photos of various places that are considered to be saint for people of various confessions, re-shaped them as acheiropaeic, almost abstract images and attempted to use these “quants of holiness” to build a certain united (ideal) single holy meta-space within the exhibition hall. Luckily, high degree of abstractness of the images thanks to interpolation abilities of viewers’ perception let him easily combine various landscapes almost in any way. We’d like to emphasize that the project might at first appear to be ecumenical, but the whole problem is way deeper. The author’s intention wasn’t to unite various confessions, but rather the results of their spiritual practices. We’d better see it as the representation of religious tolerance, which is of vital importance to our multi-confessional culture. A saying goes, different pathways may lead to the mountain, but the peak unites them all. The author attempted to visualize this very peak.

Gor Chahal. Moscow, 2005. (Translated by Ivan Lukov).