Fat Cross (A Final Cross)

The idea behind this cycle occurred to me soon after a visit to my friend Eric Bulatov’s exhibition in the State Tretyakov’s Gallery. I went there to ease an overall depressive state that had been growing in that exhibition season. Suddenly I’ve mentioned there several varieties of a work called “dot”. Those elision marks were no help to my depression. They reminded of Seryozha Anufriev’s exercises, of a multitude of similar punctuation marks by European masters of typography, and then my thoughts got to early modernist experiments in this same sphere, and my depression prevailed. I came to the full stop. Well, I used it as an excuse, obviously, but the desire to mark all of these petty humdrum intrigues and rat races we cynically call contemporary art with a bullet point was truly overwhelming. The whole culture, I think, deserves a final, a most final, the fatest cross over it. Lord, it’s stuffy in this atmosphere. It’s suffocating.

Gor Chahal. Moscow, 2007. (Translated by Ivan Lukov).