Bread and Wine, and Mother-Raw-Earth

Precondition of the experiment

Searching for the resolution of the problem of information crisis which is ever more embracing the modern society and leading to the considerable decrease of intellectual capacity of information in the conditions of aggravating communication traffic¸ to its negative selection, (which we observe in the increasing drop of intellectual level of the actual art), since 2000 (the "Chorus" project) I have been engaged in the theory and practice "of the active image". Active image implies a picture— action, an artifact, not simply passing a message from the sender (author) to the addressee (spectator), but the generator of information, a catalyst, informative activator promoting self-increase of internal information of the addressee (by means of his self-reflexion), under the impact of organizing influence of external information. Thus, in my creative work a concept of "information generator" emerged for the first time. Further developing these ideas and having addressed the experience of Christian Divinity, by the year 2005 ("Stages", "Consecration" projects) I came to the belief that, as a whole, processes of information exchange (communication) of noosphere are, as a matter of fact, extranatural".

"Philosophical analysis of the 20th century physics leads scientists to understanding that fundamental processes of nature lay beyond the limits of space—time, and only events, generated by them, can be localized in the spatial—temporal reality. According to the physical theory of relativity, the uniform "objective" picture of the actual world in general does not exist. The world, as a matter of fact, breaks up in a number of individual, equal, similarly true spatial and temporary "pictures" describing the universe in various ways depending on the system of readout chosen by the observer (absence of a uniform scale of measurement, estimated system of criteria, exactly as in modern art). In order to bring these pictures together physicists are compelled to enter additional, sensually not perceivable measurements in the system of description, as, for example, in Minkovsky’s world or the theory of strings. Further,there are hypotheses, that these ways of description are not only various forms of description of the same reality, but they are descriptions of ontologically diverse "levels" of existence, the first of which (the spatial and temporal world) corresponds to "the actual" being—sensually comprehended reality, in which we find ourselves, and others correspond to individual ideal reality—called "Mentally Comprehended World", which is the basis (primary image) of the sensual world, "virtually" containing all physical structures, which we determine in the sensually comprehended reality (Uvarov)." *

That is, any information event (the act of communication) occurs, as it seems, not in the "actual" physical environment, but in the stem environment of the "Mentally Comprehended World"—a bridge between Physical and Transphysical reality, which is created here and now by spiritual practice (creativity) of each separate person, similarly to an architectural structure or a Temple, on the whole making a universal impact on noosphere or the "actual" world.

Thus, I put forward a hypothesis on transphysical character of the impact of art on noosphere.

To verify this hypothesis our experiment was carried out. We have tried to find out whether a work of art has any impact on "inanimate" nature, for example, earth (Mother-Raw-Earth), bread and wine— the main, in my mind, elements composing noosphere.

Gor Chahal. Moscow, 2008.

* Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal (Art Magazine), N63, pp. 53-59, Gor Chahal, «Organize Love in Me».

Detailed description of the experiment, analytics and the results you can see at the catalogue of the exhibition.