Gor Chahal. The Light of the Triple Sun. 3se0
:( The Light of the Triple Sun  
Curriculum Vitae
The Light of the Triple Sun

A three-dimensional visualization of the Heavenly Powers bursting into real space. Such conventional depictions of the energies of the Holy Trinity are quite common in ancient iconography. Insofar as spherical objects appear practically identical both in normal and reverse perspective, it seemed to me that this formal solution was appropriate. The Light of the Triple Sun is celebrated in the Fifth Tone of the Triadicon Canon:

The one nature’s undivided light, separated in persons, triple brightness, knowing no evening, irradiate my heart with your beams. (Ode 5, Troparion 3)

 As we hymn the might of the single and three-sunned form, we cry: All-powerful God irradiate our mind and raise it, Master, to your ineffable glory. (Ode 1, Troparion 1).

The Prophet, singing to the Father: By your light, the Spirit, we shall see light, the Son, fully revealed one God, the triple sun. (Ode 6, Troparion 2)

Gor Chahal. Moscow, 2009.