Gor Chahal. Correction of mistakes of Russian Avant-Garde. cme0
:( Correction of Russian avant-garde’s errors.  
Curriculum Vitae
Correction of Russian avant-garde’s errors.

Medial action, involving two mere adjustments – color inversion and mirroring – to bring a well-known work of Kazimir Malevich, the foundation of Russian avant-garde, “Mystical suprematism” (Black cross on red oval, 1920-1927) back to Christian discourse. Our artistic gesture draws attention to the couple of main errors of Russian Avant-garde (according to the author’s opinion): it was blind enough to claim black to be white and back to be front. Hence, it’s driven the whole culture far back when it was sincerely going to move it towards a new world. The culture hit barbarity, dishonor, and the overall horrible massacre of the XX century. It entered the deep darkness and only God’s help can lead us out of it.

Gor Chahal, Moscow. 2013. (Translated by Ivan Lukov).